So are we just not gonna talk about New Red and Blue Buffs?

I can barely see these translucent buffs now. There was nothing wrong with old red and blue buff visuals. They perfectly displayed themselves. Now it’s like one guy is attacking me causing me to suddenly catch fire and realize he has red buff. Can we improve the visuals to make it more visible than a faint glow of red or blue? Or revert the change? edit: Shoutout to the guy who suggested an option for legacy red and blue buffs. That's an amazing idea. I think whoever thinks the buffs are visible can keep the new ones if they like it. In the middle of the chaos, however, I find it hard to see so that's my preference. edit 2: I'm not talking about Baron buff. Baron Buff is really cool and visible due to it's really distinct color. I think it's fine.

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