If Ninja tabi is unhelathy for ignoring 12% of auto attack damage

Then where does that leave Last Whisper, Black cleaver and Lethality which ignore or remove armor to a much much greater extent. First we have Black cleaver which can Reduce up to 30% of total armor which is an effective team wide boost to physical damage. Then we have LW ignoring 45% of bonus armor without any conditions to apply. Last there is Lethality ignoring a flat amount of armor also requiring no conditions to apply. If an item reducing auto attack damage by 12% is too over bearing where does that leave reducing 300 armor to 210 followed by the remaining 120 bonus armor being ignored to 66 and the reaming 90 base + 66 bonus getting farther ignored by 30? That is 126 out of 300 renaming or 58% of armor begin ignored. There is no way around this armor pen/reduction. Once someone has it all you can hope for is CC to allow for their deletion before they can do much damage. Luckily there is an item to help counter CC and even provides leathlity... And people are getting angry about the reaction being an item that is not countered by this large amount of armor pen/reduction due to it defending against a form of usually physical damage as a % reduction? _Ninja tabi is a symptom of a problem, Ninja Tabi is **NOT **the problem._
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