Why was Poppy changed from a bruiser/assassin to a utility tank?

Okay, so I heard about the rework and came back to League to check her out. She was my favorite champion and I played her almost exclusively, just because she was the only champion I found really fun that you didn't have to have the best reaction time to play. I do not have the reaction speed to play some champions, my mind just doesn't think fast enough I guess. Yeah she needed a rework, but I always thought when the time came for one, the way she was played would stay the same. Waiting for the opportune time to dive right into the enemy team or flanking them, going through the front line to get at the squishies in the back like some kind of unstoppable blitzing linebacker. Now I feel a responsibility to protect against charging assassins, and occasionally bat people away with my ult to those stupid enough to run towards me...Maybe I just like football more. It's funny to watch them go flying but it's not as fun. Thematically it all makes sense, just as the spotlight video explained, her abilities accomplish the same thing they did as with her old abilities, but I've always believed the execution of something is more important than just doing it. Which I'm not sure why they made it a point to keep it thematic, it's practically just another utility tank. I understand needing to change the abilities and even her character(still upset about that by the way, she went from acting tough and serious ambassador to being an air headed adventurer on a delivery quest. Like change her story and change her background but the character...it'd be like making Wolverine act like the Flash all of a sudden. You can change the origins and stories themselves all you want and people are going to love it regardless because of the character, so don't change that part too much!..but money was spent already so what can you do?), but why change how she's played and how she feels to play? Are all reworks like this? Just change a champion completely on whimsy? It's okay as long as they have the same name and weapon? How could anyone trust Riot to keep true to any of their champions if they could do this to any champion they want? How do you build customer loyalty like that? Okay maybe I'm being over dramatic with that last part, but try to understand, I feel a bit burned by all this. Was it just the only route to take without deleting the character? Because if that's the case, then I don't care either way. But if it was just the route that was the easiest to take, then I'm just down right disappointed Riot. I don't want any of you to think that I want the old Poppy back, anyone who isn't insane can tell that would be a terrible idea. I'm mostly venting and getting my opinion out there as an old Poppy fan. P.S: Yes I'm salty about the character change but even I would tell you this new character is better...is that a good thing? In a way, sure, more people will love her. But in the same token, old fans are going to be seriously disappointed, and it goes back to the loyalty idea; you build a good relationship by being loyal, and the larger implication of this rework is that it sets a precedent that Riot can 180 any character they feel needs it, which means YOUR CHARACTER COULD BE NEXT! But it probably won't be, so don't worry. I mean, it'll never happen to you, this OP is just talking crazy...or am I? **tldr**(Why doesn't anyone just call this part summary? Is it just not as cool?): Old Poppy fan dislikes how the new champion that replaced old Poppy doesn't feel or play the way the old Poppy did. Rito why you do this? Poppy wasn't even played often or ACTUALLY considered OP in the meta. You could have taken more time...
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