Sona bully

Sooo...I've just played against sona,and I've got a conclusion.Why is this champion able 2 bully like this.I understand that she's squish,but pls...While playing on mid as a mele champion,when you need to face sona,you are just beeing bullied.She can poke you from literaly half of the lane,without any consequences.Okay,you can call jungler but...What can you do when jungler just doesn't care.You are sitting on your lane,getting hard poke even if you stay passive.She can q and aa you even under the tower without getting even hit.Thats not fair.Same situation is on bot,but there you have bigger chances of killing her,specialy when you have support with cc,so your adc just need to finish the job.But still...Her ranges are just to big,usualy champions dont have posibility 2 hit not skillshot abilities from that far away.Can we do something about it?
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