Higher requirements for ranked

if you don't know how to play a champ or the role don't play it in ranked. there needs to be a mastery requirement to play a champ in ranked as well as an account mastery requirement to show you have basic game sense of champs and match ups. norms is to practice. being lvl 30 and then joing your first ranked game were they place you in silver or higher elo is wrong. why is iron there if everyone who should be in that elo is just placed above it, so they drag people down with them. please make it so in order to play a champion in ranked you must have a minimum mastery with that champion and your over all mastery score. for example if the minimum mastery requirement per champion is rank 5 (the highest rank you get for just playing enough games to earn the mastery points regardless of how good you are). then you should have to have a minimum of 20 champions to play ranked which would also require a minimum mastery score of the equivalent (20 champions x level 5 mastery rank). after that simple addition to the ranked ladder it would also solve the issue for when new champions come out since you will now have to lvl up to rank 5 mastery and by then they should ether be balance or you should at least know the basics. on top of that it will make the number of smurfs go down most likely do to how long the grind truly is.
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