RIOT please tell us why you are nerfing Ornn, the lack of communication is killing us.

After all the nerfs Ornn is no longer dominating pro play and his soloQ stats are abysmal. Extremely bad winrate accompanied by low pick- and banrate definitely doesnt make him look OP. Sure there are champions that can be OP with 47% winrate, but those are usually stuff like Azir that are extremely hard to play. Ornn simply isn't so mechanically demanding that he would be balanced with something like 45% winrate. There is no communication with us about why this champ is looking to get absolutely trashed when the already numerous older nerfs stopped him from being a balance problem. Yea he is still getting picked in pro play, but thats not enough reasoning to nerf a champion as most of the other picks in pro games perform way better in soloQ and are not getting nerfed. I have no idea how it is possible to still consider ornn overpowered. Id love to at least hear riots take on why they would castrate a champion who is already doing so poorly in soloQ and who doesnt break pro games. As a player it feels really discouraging to have a champion you love just get ruined for seemingly no reason and with no communication.

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