For the love of God and all that is holy

Do people not remember? Remember the old days of {{champion:38}}? Am I actually seeing "buff Kass" threads when he's perfectly fine as he is right now? Do people not remember the days of 98% ban rate Kass? For those people who do not remember, let me give you a rundown of the old days of Kass. The days when he was pick/ban from LCS all the way down to Bronze. The **literal 98% ban rate** days. Kass is in a balanced state right now but there was a day where Kass would riftwalk onto a squishy target, drop his combo, insta-kill them, then zhonyas. When his zhonyas was over he could just riftwalk back out or on to his next target. His unparalleled mobility meant it was impossible to focus him down, chase, catch him out, or escape from a Kass and he would just hunt you down even after you flashed away. Nobody could 1v1 him which made split pushing impossible because he would come and run you down no matter how well you were warded. He had insane carry potential on top of the insane mobility which gave him crazy roam potential, pick potential, map pressure, and team fight presence. He was literally pick/ban from LCS all the way down to Bronze with everything in between. He literally had a 98% ban rate because he was so busted. Now that he's in the middle ground where he isn't an absolute monster, people want him buffed again because they don't remember what Kass is like when he's strong? This thread is a preemptive strike against the "buff Kass" threads popping up. Kass is absolutely fine and is in need of **absolutely ZERO buffs what-so-ever**. People don't remember shit man I swear. Rito please dont cave. #Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
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