I haven't played this game in like 4-5 months came back and it's worse????

How the heck does it get worse???? Getting a lead doesn't matter now cause it's like were in the wild west and whoever pulls the trigger first wins. wtf is this shite. Why doesn't riot CUT ALL MASTERY DMG IN HALF (or revert masteries so people can actually have free control), REDUCE CHAMPION DMG AND REMOVE % DMG (cause no one likes losing 14% of their hp in true dmg every 1/3 a second VAYNE) I'D ALSO LIKE WARDS TO FRICKEN MATTER AGAIN! Why does assassin blade deny vision, why is scanner orb not level locked, and why is the global ward the only one that is? Seriously! MY LAST DEMAND IS YOU BUFF ARMOR AND MR ALL AROUND THE BOARD SO THAT TANKS EXIST AGAIN. I used to love needing to rely on someone to tank a turret when the team dives, now one guy just go commandos and if hes quick enough he kills one or two people before the turret can get a second shot off. WHATS THE POINT OF INCREASING TURRET DAMAGE IF THE TURRET DOESNT GET A CHANCE TO DO DAMAGE (RIOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) p.s YUUMI IS JUST SONA 2.0 WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL MAN! (also she is only a legit support cause u cant get one shot in place of adc if u are untargetable. 195 IQ riot, not broken at all) Playing league is like being a schizophrenic with a loaded revolver infront of u and the voices constantly telling u to grab it and pull the trigger, except u cant do that cause Janna just one shot you. (More than likely she could if she wanted to atm) I know this game wont get better so this is my last post and If i get on to play its only because a friend wants to play, that's the ONLY REASON i'd ever touch this shitty game. I'd never play this hell hole alone. Give me back season 3-4 of league. tl;dr dmg to high, new champ just as worse as last, and riot oblivious.
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