Thank you Riot, this is all I wanted from you guys

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As usual with my blog entries, I'm starting to write this right in the wee hours of the morning and it's about to ding 5am PST. The inspiration and desire for me to blog usually comes when a thought is eating at me that something doesn't feel right or I need to get something off my chest.
(I know this is probably going to get down-voted, but whatever.) Though I **disagree** with the current direction of League of Legends, and I'm still not quite convinced, I'm really happy to see this from you guys. I offers me some perspective, and I can at least understand why Riot is doing what it's doing. A **lot** of people seem to blindly hate on you guys, and that's just how they are, but some of us just want some **perspective** for your actions. I'm at least happy that you're taking action because you think it'll improve our experience's in the end, I'd much rather that be the case than you guys taking action for yourselves. I just wanted some justification. **So thank you Riot Tryndamere. ** In the end, you still haven't convinced me, but you've proved me wrong in the past, and I really hope you can do it again. Best of luck. -A frustrated but thankful player
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