Quick Reminder: ARAM Bans are a stopgap.

ARAM Bans do not solve the problem of ARAM. They lessen it a little but it does not solve the issue. Let's take a situation where we can ban 10 champions. However, with 140 or so in the game, we're banning around 8-ish percent...IF we don't get duplicates. Now let's assume 50 champions are good in ARAM. Let's also assume we ban 10 of them. 40 champs left....40 that the enemy owns because it's an ARAM account. Maybe 50 or so total? At the end of the day, Bans **DON'T** solve the issue. Bans are the scraps Riot is throwing people to justify keeping this shitty system in play. This has been the case since ARAM existed: ARAM accounts will always have an advantage that cannot be circumvented no matter how many limiters are put in place. ARAM will forever be one-sided until Riot finally stops tiptoe-ing around the solution and actually puts it in place: #Either unlock ALL champions for ARAM or the problem is not solved. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Get these fucking Fiddles, Luxs, Ziggs, Sivirs and Ezreals OUT of my game.

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