Let's Talk Akali.

Alright. I'm Fucking Pissed at this Point. Although I do Play her, I'm not a hardcore Akali Main. After playing her for the last couple of patches, I've gotten pretty damn good at her. Things just Clicked for me at a point and I started doing well on her. At first it seemed all good but I did not know what type of shit I was getting myself into. In this past few Patches she has been nerfed Multiple times. Why is this so? [Exil here goes a bit deep into it, trying to justify the nerfs](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kezyOzAfq-E&t=1s). I dont 100% Agree with him but it did seem Plausible. Alright I accepted the nerf and Stuck with her. Now We're going to soon get into Patch 9.11 where Akali gets Nerfed Yet again. At this point you just Question yourself: Why even fucking bother? There are **Two** main Arguments People use to try to Justify Akali Nerfs. **1.Akali is Hard to Play, so people who are not good at her will significantly Drop her winrate.** To this I say: Fucking Bullshit Sir. If A Difficult Champion NEEDS to have a a Low Winrate to be balanced then Explain: Draven sitting at roughly **52% Winrate.** Zed sitting at roughly **51% Winrate.** Vayne sitting at Roughly **50% Winrate.** These Champions are Hard to play as well yet they sit above 50% Winrate. Akali sitting at 44% is getting nerfed every patch while these champions are Fine as is? This Argument pretty much has no Legs on it. ' **2. You cannot Punish a good Akali and she is Frustrating to play against ** This argument I can slightly agree with. Yes, once you get really good at Akali it seems like there's not much you can do to punish her. High-Elo Players Pick-up Timewarp Tonic & Biscuit to allow Akali to Survive Pre-Level 6 Trades in lane. Essentially if you play her Perfectly, she does not have much counterplay. The Pre-Lv.6 Window where you could Punish her can be Mostly Taken care of with Inspiration Secondary. To Compensate this she got her Shroud Cooldown HEAVILY Nerfed along with The Shroud Up-time. Her 25-Second shroud Cooldown does not change until after Level 9. This is a Fact you have to face. If you are not good enough to Play around her Cooldowns then don't blame it on Akali being Overpowered. Her spells do have a long Cool-down if you play around that there's a way to Punish her. Her Damage has been nerfed heavily and every time I see an Akali score a Kill, it's mainly the Enemy's Fault. If you Over-extend knowing she has 3 Dashes to Run you down the lane then it's not her Fault you decided to walk up next to her turret to auto a Minion. Now onto the **"Frustrating"** Part. Akali is Frustrating to play against because of her Shroud: Well it has been heavily nerfed so nothing to whine about here anymore. (OR)Akali is Frustrating to play because she has too many gap closers: Well Akali is not the only champion with more than one gap closers, Champions like Zed can Burst you and then instantly teleport away as well, nothing new here. Is Akali The Only Frustrating Champion to play against though? Heimerdinger? Pantheon? Jayce? Are These champions okay then? If a champion is frustrating to play against do you GUT the champion completely? Not Really, They are all sitting at **50%+ Winrates** in their Respective Lanes. They don't seem to be getting nerfed. So again, Not a good enough Argument either. Now I'll tell you why Akali is **ACTUALLY** Getting Nerfed. Because Challenger/Professional Players are good at her. That's pretty much it. The only reason Riot keeps dropping Nerfs on her every patch is to stop her from being Pick/Banned in Pro-Play. The Reason Darius got buffed before Worlds 2018 despite sitting at a 52%+ Winrate was because they wanted to see him at Worlds. Riot has a long history of Balancing Champions around Pro-play and to that I say FUCK YOU. Your Player-base is not only Professional Players. If you think the game should be different at a Competitive Stage then don't Fucking Balance them for the whole League Player-base. If you think Akali shouldn't be Pick/Ban in Pro-play then Nerf her SOLELY for Pro-play. The Akali Player-base sitting at 44% Winrate getting bombarded with Nerfs every patch is Fucking Stupid and No one deserves this treatment. At this Point you simply Wonder: Why not just fucking **Remove Akali** from the game at this point Am I Right? {{sticker:sg-shisa}} **I Recommend Reading the Comments as there are some things I have Missed and others have had Arguments against Me which are not all just:"fuCk rEmooVe ak4li"** There were 2 Reasons I made this Post 1. To Blow off Steam 2. To Help the Community Understand what really is going on No I don't hate people who hate Akali and I would like to help everyone understand why she is not broken. Throw me your Arguments against my Post and I will do my best to answer them and Convince you that what Riot is doing here is WRONG.
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