I feel bad for all of you that still believe Riot can unfuck their game at this point

Because when every moment spent in game is just a complete frustrating mess for half the people playing in it you dont have a good game. When you dread every patch note, waiting to see which of Riot's top 30, out of the entire 150 champ roster, get changed to be even more unbearable to compete with each other you dont have a good game. When you have to make an in-game mission to support your "ESPORT" views but your client is too buggy to even register it being done you dont have a good game. When the developers of the game put more effort into adding an unending slew of increasingly terrible ideas to the "balance" mix instead of focusing on fixing painfully apparent issues that already exist you dont have a good game. League of Legends is not a good game, and it's sad to see so many forcing themselves to go through this infuriating frustration daily just to do... what exactly? Have fun? I dont think anyone even knows what fun feels like in this game anymore with how much of a thoughtless call of duty click and kill its become...

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