What Skarner mains REALLY want...

A simple revert to crystal venom Skarner. Dear riot, As someone who has loved skarner since he started playing league, I have been with you and on board with changes to my favorite champion since he really didnt have much going for him in his release state. I was a LITTLE bit offended by his champion teaser since they kept killing him and saying "worth", but Im over that. Many Skarner mains agree, however, that the juggernaut Skarner changes were bad for him, SPECIFICALLY the crystal spire passive. I have detailed out many times about why the design is bad, but in case you missed my huge thread about it: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-plus/A1I5czRs-my-thoughts-on-skarners-spires-long-post This feeling, of course, is only made WORSE by the fact that several rioters, namely riot scruffy, agreed that the juggernaut update was definitely NOT a success for Skarner, going as far to say, "if we were to do it over again, I would probably not have gone with Skarner at all, since I probably could have gotten more bang for my buck with a different champion." (loosely quoted, hard to find original source) Riot Repertoir straight up says the spires were not a success. In this same discussion, he also straight up said they have no plans to rework Skarner again. How depressing is that? Can Ryze have the same treatment? Why, would you take a stance that says you are not going to rework something that has clearly failed? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/T5MTYIIt-followup-skarner-juggernaut-update?show=rundown Would also like to point out, as I did in my mega thread about the spires, that they in fact do NOT make him better at "controlling" objectives. The spires do not succeed in giving him a niche as an objective controller, they only serve as a crutch that breaks outside of the jungle, or if your team is losing. I think a lot of Skarner's problem is the fact that you guys do not agree on what you want Skarner to be. I think this is the wrong question, however, and you should instead ask, what was Skarner INTENDED to be. So, what was he intended to be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLxbEDJykcI Skarner is stated to be a "melee fighter who excels not only at dealing damage, but also controlling the battlefield." "Utilizing basic attacks in addition to his abilities, Skarner is a true hybrid fighter." This is the fantasy that Skarner players fell in love with. He was a sticky, chase you down damage dealing scorpion. This was best played out just before the juggernaut rework, Crystal Venom Skarner. Juggernaut Skarner has exactly ONE thing working for him right now, and guess what? Its not his Crystal Spire passive. Its his single target cc chain. If you rush cdr, by level 10 with Transcendence you will be able to E (slow) walk up, R (drag back and turn), AA for stun, E, AA for stun with little to no chance of the enemy being able to react. This cc chain is NECESSARY, because Skarner can't deal enough damage to an equal target to kill them even in this amount of time right now. His presence in the pro-scene hurts me. He builds full tank, does no damage, and basically is just on the map to delay carry builds by forcing them to buy QSS, because he also runs predator. He is an ult bot, and nothing more. What has happened? What brought us to this point. We all know the answer to this. Riot, Skarner is barely a champion right now. So many champions have been reverted because of game health. Skarner is not in a healthy state because of his passive. Please, can we at least open discussion on this topic? This may be a small portion of the player base, as far as mains go, but we should be no less important to you as a company. EDIT: Thank you so much everyone. Riot, you are the only ones missing from this conversation. Please dont keep ignoring us!
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