What changes would you make to league right now?

Nothing simple like "nerf Fizz". Think bigger, League as a whole. Not just a tiny portion. Also try to give a small explanation afterwards Here's mine: - 15% damage reduction on champions ONLY. Make early game scarier. Minions, turrets, and monsters(Jg items can get a new passive to adjust for this) will all be stronger. Just in general i feel like burst is crazy high right now, and this would be an interesting fix. (Pen Items would get small buffs to avoid a tank meta) - Give all turrets fortification, expiring at different times, the lowest being 5 minutes, make them worth more team gold. Make the game a little less snowbally, but keep the first turret gold to make it an important objective. - Buff Rift Herald I would love to see the meta shift towards top lane, i feel like it would completely refresh how League is played. So indirectly buff it by buffing Rift. This would make Rift a priority as it would be much harder to take turrets without a siege. - Make turrets do scaling % current health damage to champion, true damage when no minions are nearby. Stop the ridiculous 4 man turret dives. Make it actually require some better minion setup, coordination, and rotations. Give it some skill expression. Obviously the numbers would need some tuning, but overall it would even the game out. Make it less snowbally, and more team focused. Remove a lot of the obnoxious burst, and give scaling champions a better chance other than being feast or famine. Opinions? And post your change(s) below {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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