The Guinsoo Problem

Dear, Summoners I a support main I'm at a point where bot line is no longer even worth staying. This is due to many adc's that will be losing or wining lane and just build the same three items for no other reason is that they will win out op damage and no skill or knowledge about the adc. These items are Guinsoo, nashro and spell blade for past game aginst varuses and kogs they all build those three item and then snowball to the point nasus W can't slow them and they auto attack tier three towers to death with little to no effect. It feels like these all come from Guinsoo all auto attack champs are build becuase of of Jax. I dont understand why even a yi whos lanes are losing he builds this item. It scares me that all the players making these choices are low ranked which in turns makes the team they are aginst salty and then they rage quit or do worse. For the future of LoL. I believe this item needs to be removed or nerfed so that this game will not get a worse reputation than it already has. As the game of Guinsoo defeated is what it is. --- Vigilwake - Support main
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