Something I'm genuinely confused about

When talking about champions the community doesn't like (lets use {{champion:64}} as an example) the conversation goes something like this > Person A: I don't think Lee is a big problem right now. The guy is sitting at a 48-49% win rate > > Person B: Well he also has a 35% play rate which should majorly deflate his winrate. He's definately overtuned. He has absolutely no weaknesses. Another example > {{champion:51}} has a 53% win rate with a 30% play rate. She's completely broken. However, if you use this same logic with a champion that the community does like, it goes like this > Person A: I think {{champion:202}} is pretty broken right now. He has a ***55% play rate*** with a 52% win rate > > Person B: No clue what you're talking about. Nothing wrong with that. He has weaknesses. He's actually very balanced. # Huh?
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