Small change for Death Dance

Hello, I was just wondering something about Death Dance also known as {{item:3812}} (also known as "Hi I'm Graves I'm tanky as shit with this item") >{{item:3812}} 30% damage taken is dealt as a bleed effect over 3 sec instead. Heals for 15% of physical damage dealt. BUT when you get champions such as {{champion:119}} {{champion:104}} or anyone that builds it, that has burst damage on an AA (crit over 1k damage), the counterpart of this item is totally neglected, so you end up with 30% flat damage reduction as long as you're fighting. Here's my change proposal, rather than the "spell vamp" being instantly applied, the champions should literally "dance with death". >Heals for 15% of physical damage dealt over 2 seconds (maybe 2,5 maybe 1,5 not sure) It wouldn't make some champions ridiculously tanky while building no defensive item, forcing them to fight for longer, and would actually be favorized by fighters, rather than ranged marksmen. I really hate this item, coupled to {{item:3156}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3047}} (or {{item:3111}}), some champions that aren't supposed to eat damage, end up being able to duel duellist / skirmishers / assassins because of this unecessary damage reduction
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