Can we get some context on the Viktor Changes?

Hi, long time Viktor player. He's been one of my top played champions since S2. I logged most my games on him before champion mastery was released, but if I had to guess, he's my most played champion by a very wide margin. I was hoping to get some context on the Viktor changes, and offer my opinion of them. *First:* why Riot has decided to substantially shift his power *Second:* why Riot has decided to shift his power in this specific way. *In regards to that first question:* The changes look potentially very strong. if Viktor didn't exist, and this were a new champ being released, I'd be pumped for him. But I don't understand why Riot is making large-scale changes in the first place. His kit seems well designed, fun, and balanced to me. *As far as the specifics of the changes go:* It seems like Riot is removing some of his flexibility in order to shift power onto his R. His E is losing a lot of it's poke (though it has higher potential damage if you can lock the target into the second hit). His Q's power is being shifted back into the fire-and-forget missile. This I don't understand. Riot outdid themselves with the last Viktor rework, and the new Q is the absolute best thing to come out of it. I *love* the Q. I love that most of the damage is loaded into the riskier auto attack. Here's the thing: the new Chaos Storm looks crazy on paper. But (and I can only speak for myself here) I don't play Viktor for Chaos Storm. If Chaos Storm was my favorite part of his kit, I would just start playing Annie. Viktor's E and Q are his most exciting abilities right now. They reward smart play and aggressive positioning. They make him what he is--a high risk/high reward burst champ. To me, it feels like this rework is forgetting what makes Viktor actually fun. It's draining power from his most interactive and interesting abilities in order to give him a big moment on his ult. But I'd love to hear from other viktor players. I'd also be very happy to hear from any Rioter who wants to offer some thoughts/info.
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