Micro-balancing ARAM has unintended consequences and should be stopped

Balancing out the generally ridiculous aram champions like {{champion:45}} or {{champion:37}} make sense. I couldn't help but notice a {{champion:36}} 10% tank nerf. This doesn't make sense. Yes mundo in ARAM sucks to play against if your team is mostly or fully AP. But then when you get mundo into a team that is AD oriented or has a vayne or whatever, the nerf takes an already kind of shitty champion and gutters the crap out of him. He's the first case study. Next is Akali (or Leblanc). She has a ludicrous ARAM buff in both tank and damage. Why? She sucks into team comps that have pretty good CC and whatnot, but if she gets played into a team that is full of squishies with little to no point and click directed CC she can be an absolute fucking nightmare to face. She basically becomes unstoppable, and it's pretty common to see akalis that don't know what the fuck they are doing just R Q people to death. ARAM balancing is largely a failure. If we're being generous, only the top 2 most offensive and bottom 2 absolute worst champions should receive any sort of balancing. Otherwise, it should be within the provence of the ban system to even out the playing field from there. Other than that, IT IS ARAM PEOPLE. Sometimes you get a comp that sucks dick into another comp. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF RNG. TL;DR micro balancing ARAM is a failure.
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