Strange feeling recently

OK, first let me start off : I'm not a ranked player, an ARAM only player, and no, I'm not bitching about randomness yada yada Alright, since a few weeks I don't really have time to play due to work, I roughly do 3 games every 2 day per evening. I've noticed that during these games, I either win all 3 with no effort (enemies being REALLY REALLY bad, that I wonder if they're even level 30), or lose all 3 because my team and myself can't do anything against a really strong enemy team. I tried SR then, and the same result kept happening. Even checked MMR / Rank, during the "winning times", we always had a higher MMR / rank than the enemy team, and during the "losing time", our was always way lower than the enemy team. This is really consistent, and I'm starting to understand why people say "games are a coin flip from champ select". I don't really appreciate the game anymore due to this, I don't feel "rewarded" for winning or "punished" for my mistakes, I'm simply feeling like "this should happen anyway". Small bit of a rant, but I'm hoping that during s9, Riot gonna fix this kind of stuff, along with balance issues
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