Can you just rework wukong then ?

If you're gonna nerf a champ that has been trash for 4 years, just rework him then. Idk why is everyone complaining about him, when his early game is weak as fuk. Try playing wukong vs. darius/renekton/camille/irelia/fiora/not to mention jax and see how you'll do. You cant do jack shit to them early or ever in the game. And now riot is nerfing E dmg, to fuck his jungle even more. Like every time I play against wukong jg, I invade and kill him every single time cuz his clear is trash and hes always low hp without clone. When you let him farm all game without punishing him for it, ofc hes gonna be a one shot wonder. Anyway, its clear riot doesnt want wukong to be played, so can you just rework him then ???
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