Feeding Vs AFK which is worst and why one goes more punished then another

So my question is why is it ok for other players to intent feed and laugh but if I choose to not want to play because of their behavior I am punished for going AFK? This is a ridiculous pattern and 50% of my games have some sort of AFK in ranked and I say maybe a little over 50% of the people who went AFK had intent fed the ones who choose to stay just keep feeding. Yet I only received one notification saying someone was punished and had to do with the person saying I should kill/hang myself. So why is it the systems aren't picking up trolls who feed and laugh in chat like it's ok? I'll be honest people intent killing their self and saying it's just a game doesn't make it right or even fun. They see it gets on your nerves so they do it even more and the enemy could care less as long as they win. I want to hear from Riot on this.
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