Repurposing Juggernaut enchantment for jungling juggernauts

What: Yesterday while looking at the old jungle items and how they changed smite, I stumbled upon a removed jungle enchantment by the name of [Juggernaut]( It was originally designed as a tank jungle item and was replaced by {{item:1401}} for a trio of reasons, tenacity doesn't help tanks that much, it didn't help with tank's clear speed issues, and it didn't scale well enough for tanks. Notice the use of tanks in all three of these reasons. I'm here to argue the point that while this item was sub-par for tanks, to my mind it would actually seem like a really good jungle item for the likes of {{champion:48}} , {{champion:77}} , {{champion:102}} , and most or all the other juggernauts that are played in the jungle, as well as most champions that build {{item:3078}} . At the moment there are 4 jungle items, and while each of these juggernauts has items that benefit them in specific instances ({{item:1401}} when behind and going tanky, {{item:1416}} to shred enemies, and {{item:1400}} for more pure damage) I would argue that a slightly modified juggernaut could provide an alternate and interesting build path for them. Before I explain why let me first explain what juggernauts look for in an item. Feel free to skip this next paragraph if you already understand juggernaut items and why they buy them. Why: I play a lot of juggernauts, which is why I was so excited about this, and when i play juggernauts I tend to play them with a split push playstyle, champions like {{champion:83}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:48}} , etc. One of the most important items for tower damage in these builds is {{item:3078}} , as most juggernauts have an empowered auto or some other easy way to proc it. Because {{item:3078}}'s damage is based off base AD, it's very strong on juggernaut's naturally higher base stats, and {{item:3053}} is a common buy to amplify that already high base AD to impressive heights. Another common juggernaut stat is tenacity. This makes sense given that a juggernaut's greatest weakness is getting kited, especially by CC, wouldn't you want something that mitigates your greatest weakness to go along with an amplification of your greatest strength? Another very juggernaut thing to do is build tank after getting 1-2 core damage items, this is to allow you to get close to your enemy by mitigating the massive amounts of damage being thrown around in the mid/late game by carries. This also means that a juggernaut's strongest point in the game is generally a strong mid game powerspike, after you've finished your core damage items, but before the damage really starts to increase to ridiculous levels. Now with the question of what juggernauts look for, let's move on to the proposed changes to the Juggernaut enchantment. How: My current thought on enchantment: Juggernaut is this: Originally it was a 1400 cost item, up the cost slightly to bring it in line with other jungle enchantments, make it build out of either a {{item:3052}} or {{item:1036}} and {{item:1028}}. Cut the CDR if necessary, and instead give it Tenacity, % base AD, and flat health. This would provide exactly the kinds of stats that juggernauts need. Not only would it allow current jungle juggernauts to have an easier time with a trinity build path because you wouldn't need to build a Sterak's but it might allow other juggernauts that don't benefit as much from the current jungle enchantments to find a new home in the jungle, think {{champion:122}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:6}}, {{champion:83}}, etc. With Riot thinking about making sure champions are viable in at least two lanes, this might help serve that purpose. Finally, it doesn't scale like {{item:1401}} , but that's not what a Juggernaut looks for, instead they look for a midgame power spike so they can apply pressure, take towers, and 1v1, which this item would be perfect for. Final notes: If you liked my thoughts on Juggernaut items be sure to check out [this guy]('s proposed juggernaut item, it's one of the things that inspired me to write this. If you'd like to see more of these things about removed items and how they could be modified to solve problems or provide more diversity to the game in its current state, please tell me! I love doing these kinds of things, and I have a couple ideas for removed items that could be repurposed into really cool items, including AP jungle items, more juggernaut items, ADC items, support items, and more! Lastly, if I'm mistaken about any of these things, especially jungle related stuff feel free to let me know, this is all theory crafting and I don't play much jungle. TL;DR: Bring enchantment: Juggernaut back as a mini, just stats version of {{item:3053}} to help juggernauts in the jungle.
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