Blitz breaking shields in 1.14

Really????????????? ON HIS ULT THAT SILENCES???? sure, do extra damage to shields, but if he just removes shields off of champs with his large aoe SILENCING ult then how do you counterplay that? and dont give me that bs about "just dodge his hooks" like that is an easy option, sure sometimes, but now you cant even shield to save a hooked carry because that shield wont exist as soon as blitz ults, and the adc can't flash while silenced, they cant heal while silenced, they cant use ANY abilities, i just fail to see why a champ thats already difficult to play against and great at getting picks NEEDED to BREAK shields, it doesnt make sense, they got nerfed to last less time now they arent supposed to reduce damage at all? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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