Ban Numbers?

So just a thought, and I believe everyone who plays the New Draft System is thinking this, but there are about 130 champions, and a new one being announced. Instead of just having 3 bans where the last 3 on the team ban, can we just get everyone banning a champ? So instead of 3, its 5 bans. Yeah, it would take a little longer in the draft pick area, but then things will end up being a bit smoother? 10 ban total is less than a hand pick of the champs, but 6 ban total is a drop in the ocean, which leaves most people not able to ban the champions they really want to ban. Example, Blitz, Tham, Jax, Xin, Zed and Kindred get banned, then if everyone banned, there would be 4 more champs banned, like Yasuo, Udyr, Yi, Jhin? So, just wanting to suggest that everyone should be able to ban, not just the bottom 3 picks of the teams. It allows more Stability and Questioning of what the enemy team is. PS: {{champion:79}} (Gragas) can have a Cigerette, but {{champion:104}} (Graves) cant have a Cigar?

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