6.12 patch Grasp of Undying - Riot tendency

**Grasp of the Undying (Ferocity Tier 6) Now [deals 2.5% of your max health and heals you for 1.25% of your max health] from [steals life equal to 2.5% of your max health]** For me, now it's clear. Riot doesn't know nothing, like Jon Snow, about balance. They keep adding retard damage items for tanks like Sunfire Cape / Iceborn Gauntlet. They added Grasp of Undying, realized how powerful it is (preseason), and kept nerfing the masteries until it's going to be useless in terms of defensive capabilities. What i'm trying to say is this : REMOVE ANY DAMAGE IT DOES, and GIVE IT A GOOD DEFENSE BUFF. After all, it's a Key Masteries in a defense oriented tree. You want damage ? You have Fervor/ Warlord's/ DFT / Thunderlord's Decree. You want tankiness ? You have SotA for junglers (pretty useless in lane - it's just a jungle option IMO) You have Bond for supports (useless in solo lane - it's why should only be used in duo lane) And you have Grasp of Undying. But why damage, on a key masteries defensive oriented tree ?** And with the 6.12 nerf, we're going to have a Key Masteries in a Defensive Tree that DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN THE SUSTAIN/DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!** WTF? You could have 1mil. ideas of doing something else to Grasp, like : +1% damage reduction while in combat / 2 seconds. Max 10 stacks or something like that. And you should do this for every Sunfire Cape/ Iceborn Gauntlet items out there. Stop nerfing defense items for tanks. Stop buffing/adding offensive powers to tank-oriented items. This is why you had the cancer Tank Ekko. **This is why you have Tank Fizz/ Akali / Talon and all other cancers. LE: For Clarity : **I don't consider Grasp underpowered or either overpowered right now - I just consider it pretty lackluster in terms of defensive powers. It's just not how i think a Key Masteries in a Defensive Tree should look like** **LE2: Thanks to Winnnnk** **This is not just about Grasp of Undying, but :** **There should be a bigger difference in stats between defensive/offensive masteries.** **In this META right now, the damage is insane, and with a a combo of Sunfire/IBG/Grasp a tank can kill a carry very fast. Meanwhile, of course, a carry with a decent amount of %ARP can also insta-kill a tank.** **I really think that when a Tank and a Carry would try to 1v1, the fight should be much longer than it is right now.**
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