I gotta give RiotGames: Game balance Design Team Prox.

I don't know how they manage to release and rework every new Champion to be broken asf LMAO {{champion:84}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:266}} The list go on but I'm just naming these 3 Like, **does RiotGames balance team even play the game before they do all these changes** or do they just go off people crap opinion and change them base on that LOL, because the people who complain the most yet understand the game at shit level are mostly Silver and below, and then Gold/Plat, and then Diamond, last Master+ ------------ I bet you all when they come out with the new Noc and Fiddle rework, they're going to be broken asf as well. ------------ Let me just give a few takedown on Mord rework: Huge asf fucking Shield His PULL BACK hitbox is fucking huge, like fucking Sona ULT, and that shit cd is low asf He has this shit Shyvana AOE, that does more damage than he needs to AA
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