Buffs ideas for Elise without any damage buffs

Here's a small list of buffs ideas for Elise that don't touch any of her damage numbers: 1º Make her human E better, if you played Elise you know that your worst enemies are the enemy minions because they will block both your human W and your human E here's a simple solution.Make her E create a stun cone after impact , it would make it a much better and versatile ability and also a much more unique one. 2º Make her spider W go through minions , pretty simple stuff but it have a twist, if you are still in human form you can press W again to explode the spider giving her a much better clear , This buff would make her poke before teamfights something to fear and it could get her out of the jungle because of the better clear and poke. 3º Make her spider E be able to be used on allies both minions and champions.... And it would be nice if she could get a 40% cooldown reset on kills (Not assists just kills), soo if she gets at least 2 kills she would be able to escape. 4º Reduce her cooldowns , while other assasins are spamming their abilities every 3 seconds Elise is not both because of her cooldowns and her viable builds that doesn't give that much cdr. Hope you like my ideas :_D I make this post because i fell in love with Elise´s gameplay but the fact that she is not good makes me not pick her as much as i want.

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