Top lane joke

**Im a top lane player for 3 years, but this year was the worst cuz top lane it just a joke right now. and it get worse over time, for the last 7 games i played against range champions and this is so annoying and tilting , 3{{champion:17}} 2 {{champion:67}} 1 {{champion:21}}. of course i do my best but i can't play vs a {{champion:67}} top cuz she's so broken for top lane so i decided to ban her then i get a {{champion:92}} the most op champ in top lane, dead brain champ that get a {{item:3071}} and win the lane. and guess what ppl keep flaming me and reporting me for losing against OP champs. So i wish if riot games can do something for this lane. Thank you! ppl can not have fun in this game.**
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