Supports, Don't Give Up!! (Mastery 7 Topic) Took me _**ages**_ to obtain, but I finally reached Mastery 7 with Leona .... a Support tank that's meant to die often for her teammates. If I was able to get it on a champion such as her, you guys can do it too! I'll be rooting for you guys to get it, even though the grading system is balls for Supports. If you want helpful tips on how to get an S rank ... here's how. - Buy pinks often. Even if you already have one up, place another one down ... it counts. - Destroying wards helps towards an S, maybe as much as warding yourself. - Sadly you have to KS your team .. despite Supports aren't meant to. Only KS after 30 minutes in. - 60-70% kill participation. Number of assists help, but how _often_ you're helping is the key here. - Participate in Dragon / Baron kills. They count too. - Try not to die. Yeah, it's stupid since you're a Support that's meant to be selfless, but ... yea. - Even if you're losing or going to lose, you can still earn an S! That's basically what it comes down to. The system grades you based on how well you perform and compares it to the average player who uses said champion. For example, Leona players have an average of 2.0 / 6.2 / 14.1 ... meaning for your S, you'll need 4+ kills, less than 3 deaths, and above 30+ assists. Granted I was able to get an S with Leona going 5 / 1 / 9 because I participated in 80% of the kills, did all objectives with my friends, and got a lot of kills (a triple kill in one go). You guys can do it, I believe in you! If you want help ... do let me know, and I can provide you with more information if needed be :) Oh and post if you do achieve Mastery 6-7 here! Inspire people to not give up on their chances as well League Support Mains!!
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