Jhin, as a champion, is a thematic failure. (LONG POST)

http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3054/240/original.jpg #DISCLAIMER: THIS IS IN NO WAY REFLECTIVE OF THE CHAMPION'S KIT BEING BALANCED AND FUN/NOT FUN. A CHAMPION WHO IS A THEMATIC FAILURE CAN STILL HAVE A DECENT KIT. ____ #EDIT: People keep telling me to wait for the VO. Kindred has an amazing VO and a kit that has zero to do with her. Illaoi has a great VO and a good kit. THE VO IS A NON-FACTOR IN WHY I AM DISAPPOINTED. With that huge disclaimer in mind...I'm disappointed Riot. Jhin is the latest in a long line of failures that strives to create a unique character, give him a compelling identity in the universe and hype him up as something completely new...yet his kit completely fails to capture the identity of a virtuoso. Lemme start with recent examples to show what I mean: One I consider a success, one a failure. http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Illaoi_0.jpg Illaoi has, in my opinion, been the shining star when it comes to expressing character in kit during the 2015 year. Illaoi is portrayed, in lore, as a strong priestess who carries the weight of both a metal idol and her very god. Her voice work talks of how she tests those she sees as needing a test. She encourages and guides others, sometimes through force and sometimes through words. Illaoi is in every respect a woman who knows what she wants and just how to get it. This, in her kit, is perfectly reflective. In my mind, a successful kit has two points to it: * How difficult would it be to put this on another champion with an entirely different theme? * How much does this character fit with the kit they are trying to portray? I thought for a while on Illaoi's kit, trying to find fault or a way I could shoehorn. The only possible idea I came up with was a shaman who used a massive totem...and that's basically what Illaoi is. She channels her god through brute force. She tears out your soul with the long arm of Nagakeboros. Her ult is a last ditch attempt to enforce the will of her god by bringing it to furition in the rift. If you removed Illaoi's kit, it could be done...but it wouldn't be as successful as it is now. In my eyes, Illaoi's kit is what a kit should be: It plays well enough (Balanced or not), it reinforces her identity and it's something you cannot easily remove from Illaoi. Now, let's look at something I consider a failure. http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Kindred_0.jpg Kindred's kit is a disgrace to the visuals that Kindred provides. When hyped up, we were told we were getting a dual champion. This was death personified, a hunter who either grants a swift and merciful death or a painful, bloody end. Two sides of the same coin, a spirit that guides those into the afterlife. I, and many others, were pumped. What did we get? Nothing. We got a champion who is just a champion. But it goes deeper than that. Remember that "How difficult could it be to put this on a different character" rule? Imagine if Kindred wasn't a spirit. Instead she was a bounty-hunting, agile yordle. The ultimate may need replacing but, otherwise, you can completely remove Kindred from this kit and have a kit that thematically works with another character. It's extremely disheartening. "But Cap, what about Wolf being used in W!? What about the whispers and particles and-" Kindred is the worst example, imo, of what I like to call "Particle Characterization". Riot isn't selling her character and personality through her kit. They're selling her through the particles. Wolf attacking in the circle. Runic symbols of black and white over enemies. She is made more by the particles and model than she is by her kit. That's disgraceful. A champion should work organically with her kit. Illaoi's kit enhances her character. Kindred's kit feels like an afterthought on a champion Riot knew would sell. Don't believe me on this "particle characterization"? {{champion:245}} - Timey whimey projectiles and chrono-esque patterns. Q makes zero sense as a time bandit, W is only kept in place by "Look it's a paradox/copy of him in the past" and E has zero to do with time. If you told me Ekko was just a teleporting thug with gravity controls, I'd buy it. {{champion:432}} - Sorta forgive this because "celestial defender" is rather...well, open to interpretation. Still, I never got a feel for celestial defender. Bard isn't defending or warping reality/time/space to protect others except in his ult. He just has fancy golden projectiles and mystic-looking things. {{champion:429}} - SPOOKEH SPIRIT UF VENGUNCE....that hops around and has little to do with those she makes a pact with sans ult. What if we replaced her hop-skip-jump with something more substantial? Her soulbound dying gives her massively increased damage/attack speed because she's fueled by revenge? Her soulbound hitting a spear-filled enemy increases the duration? There' is SO MUCH that can be done with this concept but...once again, bigfoot spear lady. And now we come to Jhin. Replace Jhin. Remove him completely from the equation. Did that? Ok. Now imagine that Jhin is now Scrumpy, The Zaun Commando. Do you see what I mean? Jhin's kit has little to do with actual virtuoso-ing. He has no artistic style to his kit's gameplay. It's all supposedly told in the particles. Jhin is a non-factor. You can replace him with a cyborg gunner and nothing would be lost. This artistic killer, this "beautiful sadist" is a god damn sham and I'm extremely disappointed in Riot. Yes, I understand that kits are difficult to make. I saw the Bard removed abilities, I completely understand...but for god's sake, PLEASE stop trying to connect a character's kit and character only by particles and art. You've proven that you can do it (See: {{champion:201}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:222}} ), just please keep doing it. **TL;DR: Riot, as of late, is trying to sell champion-kit unity through little more than particles. I am disappointed because they've proven they can do so much better.**
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