Yuumi + Tahm should be disabled Asap...

This shit is just straight up broken, as if Yuumi wasn't already broken enough, now she's hopping on a god damn Tahm kench with 3500+ health, untargetable while he's smacking you away with his god damn tongue dealing ridiculous amounts of damage then eating you to do like 30% of your god damn max HP, all while you can't kill this pos, he just gets grey health, uses it, then Yuumi heals him continuously for like 500 health then he gets more grey health, rinse repeat... Even with fkin armor pen and magic pen we couldn't kill him. All the while you just fkin wish you could kill the god damn Yuumi and get rid of the problem, but nope, Riot thought it was a good idea to create an untargetable Soraka on steroids. Why do I lose LP for this shit I ask myself sometimes. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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