So Ive been spamming River Shen

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It works pretty well, I was on a 30 game winstreak with jax/fiora on this account..then at my plat 2 promos i got like 10 trolls in a row... (i lost it at the 8th game) after the 8th game i just flamed everybody, still played pretty well tough. I was lost, i got a chat restriction, so i went youtube and found this river shen thing, and ive been spamming it DO IT GUYS Its perfect, you are basically a GOD in everygame you go river shen: 1.- if you have good people in your team, they wont flame or report you, and will just play. -on the other hand if they are bad people they will insult you and try to report you, since they insulted you, they are the ones who get banned, IVE NEVER GOTTEN THIS MANY "Instant feed back report" messages in my entire time playing league. LITERALLY every game i report someone they actually get banned or chat restricted (i didtn even get the trolls in my promos banned, those guys kept playing like nothing happened, which is sad but im happy people that insults in chat actually gets banned) 2.- If they are good players they will use your ganks and actually snowball. -on the other hand if they are bad players they wont know what you are doing and probably feed all game, which wouldn´t have changed EVEN IF YOU PLAYED A META ROLE, so even if you were actually trying..this guys wouldve still NEED you to carry them, which leads to the conclusion they dont really deserve to win at all, which keeps them in the place they deserve to be 3.- YOU DONT GET PUNISHED, because you are not trolling or griefing...river shen is a legit strat, its even on Shen champion spotlight, and you can actually carry in some really nasty ways if you play it properly :) so its not an "int" strat, like disco nunu or other stuff....aaaaand since you only type "river shen" you are not really flaming anyone. 4.- (BONUS POINT) The enemy team WILL BE TILTED, you are literally using the most OFF META MEME strat of all time, and YOU ARE BEATING THEM WITH IT. (I legit havent been the reason my team lost98% of the time, most of the defeats are my ADC getting tilted, or jungle because i take scuttles) if the enemy are toxic players they will flame you, which WILL get Them banned (the teemo in that last game got mad i camped him and said some nasty stuff to me, he got banned INSTANTLY after game) Its just a win win for EVERYONE, (a lose for bad players tho) River shen makes the community better :D. Have a good day EDIT: Funny how people just downvote this in rage but have no actual arguments against this...makes me feel even better. I will keep it up :)
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