I mean IK theres a mage bais on the boards but

wtf? No matter how good/bad I do toplane every game devolves into fucking dodgeball by midgame. Literally both me and the enemy top are just forced to sit mid at 25 dodging skillshots by Mages cause god knows even if they miss 15 of them the one that hits you will chunk you for half your hp bar. Eventually when the fight DOES start your missing 40% of your hp bar and the Karthus just R's the rest down, its not fun dude it isnt. I can go 10/0 or 0/10 at the end of the day I will get bursted down, 2 games ago I reached 172 fucking MR on Pantheon and was still squishy as fuck without my E up >Edit: Says mage bais exists > - 8 downvotes without any conversation just insults about being a bruiser/assassin main xD
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