Honestly, if those Diana changes go through, I don't think I would ever play Diana again.

Riot is calling these changes, but I think it's straight up nerfs. I don't think they realize Diana is an all in champ with no escapes. Removing her mana on the third hit affects her laning and jungle. Reducing her passive scaling makes her less of a fighter. I can live with the attacks speed and E changes. I don't need any moves speed buff as it makes no sense. Diana doesn't need move speed on the third hit. Base Mana: 372 (+20) => 335 (+45) Attack Speed: 0.625 => 0.725 Attack Speed per level: 2.25 => 2.30 P Cleave Ap Ratio: 0.8>0.6 NEW: Grants 20% Movement Speed on proc REMOVED: 30-90% Attack Speed after casting a spell REMOVED: 15% of AP as mana on proc Q Still has all of the previous changes to it in testing. QoL: Reveals FoW on missile tip E Cooldown: 26>18 => 20>12 R Reset time: 0.5 => 1.0
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