Let's Talk Hook Supports

Throughout season 9, hook supports have been quite strong, but after these Blitzcrank changes, I think it's time we talk about hook/engage supports: they're simply too good. Nautilius, Thresh, Blitz, Pyke, and Leona are all very dangerous at the current moment, and its not that they are strong, theyre so oppressive that it makes it almost impossible to play against. Due to the amount of damage in this current meta being so high, once you are ccd, you're probably going to die. Additionally, when you give all of these hook supports tools to escape, do lots of damage, gap close, and be tanky, its impossible for an enchanter or mage to peel/poke out hook/engage, even if you're positioning like a god. For example, on 9.19, Blitz has a 63 to 37 winning matchup into Karma, which is honestly crazy. Essentially, hook and engage supports are way too good with few windows to actually punish them. Many of these champions abilities (for example Thresh's hook) have had the cooldown reduced so much that he can really just keep throwing it out whenever he wants. It's really sad how these champions were once regarded as more skill expressive because you had to manage your abilities with these champions in previous seasons, but riot has continued to buff hook/engage for many patches, and I can honestly say that now it's gotten out of hand. Now, I am bias, I will admit. I am a Diamond enchanter support main, but all of my points can be backed by hard numbers. I am aware that ardent was too strong in season 7/8 and I am not asking for us to go back to that time. However, what I am asking for is for Riot to just look at the support matchups and data for their champs (because honestly I don't think they do). Who do you always see at the top? Yes, it's the five champs I listed. Why are they buffing champions that didn't even struggle in the first place? (I.e. Blitz, leona, Fiora/Riven ~ I know these are top lane, but they also got buffs for no reason too). Also, whenever you go into ranked, all these hook and engage support players just ban Morgana so they don't have to deal with her black shield. And you know what's even funnier? Morgana doesn't even win matchups into engage anymore, because she has seen her fair share of nerfs. This really leaves only Janna that can effectively peel, and even then, Janna doesn't have the tools that she used to to make she her AD doesnt die from a Nautilus combo or thresh hook. So what should Riot do about these changes? Well, I propose two things. For one, and I think the entire league community will agree with me on this, for the love of god, nerf aftershock. Its the only rune since the new rune release that hasn't seen any sort of appropriate nerf, while pretty much every other rune was tuned down somewhere along the season. It provides way too much tank stats (which is then followed up by damage), for it to be considered balanced. Additionally, all of these hook supports synergize so well with the keystone that it just adds an unnecessary level to their power. Second, just straight up revert some of the changes made to these hook supports. Here are somethings that I think they can do. {{champion:53}} Blitz: Whoever came up with the range buff on his Q should really be called into question for how they do their job. This change is blatant gross negligence for support players. No one wanted, asked, or needed this change. Just revert it. {{champion:412}} Thresh: Can we talk about how Thresh has never been considered weak since I've started playing League three years ago? I'm not saying he should be considered "weak," but it's just crazy to me how he's never really been out of the meta for the 3 seasons I've played through. Revert the cd buffs that you guys gave to his hook a while back. This will make sure Thresh players have to think about when they are throwing out the hook, as opposed to just spamming it like they do now. {{champion:111}} Nautilus: I know they "nerfed" his Q damage a few patched ago, but that was a joke. He still does way too much damage for how easy it is to land a hook (or even just point click for an ult). A damage nerf on his ultimate or Q (probably both) would probably be the best way to fix nautilus. {{champion:555}} Pyke: Nerf the amount of gold that he gives to his allies. It's honestly insane how sometimes Ill spectate games with pyke in it, and he winds up having more gold than the enemy AD, simply because of his ability to generate SO much gold. Also, tone down the healing that he gets from the grey health. It's literally impossible to poke him down. {{champion:89}} Leona: Honestly, Leona is probably the most balanced one on here. Don't get me wrong, she is very strong, but I think only a slight nerf is probably needed for Leo. I would say probably lower the damage on her W a little, or increase the cd on her Q. The fact that her Q is on a 5 second cd at the start of the game is a little too strong in my opinion. Here are just some of my thoughts on hook supports. What do you guys think?
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