If you are on a winning streak

You shouldn't get paired with horrible teammates. Let the downvotes begin but honestly it's stupid that i start going back into the groove of things and start doing better and winning more. Just to be paired with a bronze 1, and an unranked player? Go look at my 16/4/2 kat game, i did exceptionally well. The best on my team and i was the only one who went better than even. Everyone else was just feeding. Like ? How is that fair to me as a player? And if you say "oh well the other team must've had bad players too" then you are wrong. Sure the yasuo was bad in my eyes but they were all S5+. Fix your bullshit matchmaking please /endrant EDIT- Go look at my match history. i went from 0 lp to promos and then got really bad teammates that were clearly below my mmr
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