MOST DIVERSE LANE, HEALTHIEST LANE Tanks, Juggernauts, Mages, Melee ADCs, Marksmen, Divers, Assassins all viable top, the most inclusive and progressive lane in the game. top lane meta constantly shuffling to counter the newest top tiers, so even if a champ or class is weak they'll still be valuable counterpicks Mid lane only mages and assassins with the occasional corki, constantly jumps between one of them being way too good and the other never getting picked (unless you're ahri xd) jungle sucks now because riot won't leave it alone, you're either one of the 3 OP bruisers {{champion:19}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:104}} or an AD assassin {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:104}} or you can fuck off. AP jungles get dodges from their own team and tanks can't keep up Bot Lane farm spot is** M A R K S M E N O N L Y**, only 2 champs have ever broken the mold in recent years {{champion:82}} {{champion:115}} and the melee one got nerfed into the dirt for it, would be strong in soloQ again if Riot ever fixed his bugs but guess what HE'S STILL GOOD TOP BABBYYYYYYYYYYY. marksmen are even bigger stat checks than riot likes to circlejerk about bruisers and tanks but we just have to deal I guess :^) support is just the enchanters or w/e and whatever failed mage rework riot gives up on balancing for mid, tanks come and go depending on when riot has the common sense to nerf mage supports. support mains have yet to open their doors to the glory of the fighter master race though so we can only give them a C+ grade top lane is the only lane with constant interaction. marksmen are happy to live in their little baby bubble with their training wheel supports and hit minions for 20 minutes, and mages just throw shit at you from across the lane. FUCK RANGED SCUM mages and marksmen can go top but they will be rightfully reviled for disgracing our glorious u-TOP-ia with their untermensch presence. No BS objectives like elemental dragons to worry about so you can further express superiority in your lane, herald is just the spicy BM when you win hard early and want to win harder TL;DR top lane is objectively the best and healthiest lane in the game, all other lanes should be modeled after the golden standard of diversity and progression that we have set, and remove range scum ty bless you riot
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