I have 123 of the 139 champs

I'm missing 16 of some of the most expensive champs remaining or missing 11.5%, but own 88.5%. Just added up the costs to get the remaining 16 champs is 84,000 BE. Chances of getting the shards I need are super slim since 6300 champ shards are ultra rare from leveling capsules In order to get that BE, **I NEED TO LEVEL UP ~80 TIMES**. Averaging 910 BE per level and 1,980 at every 10 interval. Factoring in some BE for the FWotD too Just hit level 40, so I need to be around level 120 before I have all the champs in the current game, but by that time I'd expect 3-4 more champs to have been released by then which adds to the vicious cycle. Obtaining champs is seriously ugly for those who don't have them all. To those people who have even less than I do, good fucking luck
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