Lol matchmaking system sucks

Hello! i dont know if theres someone with same thing in mind but, first i must say Im not pro player but i started playing ranked games only and always when im in promo my team goes and feed,they dive then they cry when im not dive like idiot into fights.Last game i went 10/4 and was most feeded player could kill anyone 1vs 1 BUT my team went JAX 8/14 YASUO 3/12 MISS 2/6 LEONA 0/10 And this didint happen only once and now im crying here it happened everytime on my promo once i went straight to promo to demotion becuase all games after promo was troll feeder games.I play almost every time best in my team in low bronze elo but i cant carry whole team my self when all enemies already fed...any tips?my mmr cant be so bad if im 54%win rate top lane...but i hate when this happens i like playing and i pay riots salary with buying skins and shit but i think everytime when this happens i quit this.
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