So we're a couple months in now and Yuumi still automatically beats Kha'Zix.

I don't really care for the "I can play around it" opinions. Since this bug has come to light, there has been this weird rise of elitist Kha mains who think that a blatant and easily abused bug should stay in the game because "it doesn't bother me". Fact of the matter is, picking Yuumi into Kha, while knowing that you can stop isolation while being untargetable, is cheating. Sorry, it's true. It's no different than global Xerath Qs and infinite Amumu shields. For anyone who thinks this is intended (and there are a lot of you): **IN SEVEN YEARS OF PATCHES, NO UNTARGETABLE UNIT HAS EVER STOPPED ISOLATION.** That is a fact. Not an opinion. Not a perspective. Just a raw fact. You and your mid are together in the jungle and he hits Zhonya's? Guess what? You're fucking isolated. Bard ult? Isolated. Yuumi worked this way too until that great isolation destruction patch of mid Season 9 that made everything down to Flame Chompers stop isolation. If you think this is intended, you're wrong. Sorry if that hurts, but save your opinions. Oh, and I'm well aware that some Rioter from _PLAYER SUPPORT_ said that he _BELIEVED_ it might be intended but wasn't sure. In case you weren't aware of the difference, _PLAYER SUPPORT_ is not _GAMEPLAY_. Having Yuumi on you grants 50% damage reduction against Kha'Zix, regardless of your positioning, and there is NOTHING Kha'Zix can do to mitigate that. That's absolutely abhorrent. Oh, and by the way, Yuumi isn't even the only thing missed in the isolation bug fix. I lost isolation to a Jhin trap last night. Any big brains want to tell me how that's intended and an important example of counterplay?

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