Games should not have to be rushed to win

Several champions are to impossible to play against late game that it ruins the game of it's reliability. I get that some champions are late game... but champions like Yi, Malphite, Cho'Gath, Jinx... those champions are just completely ridiculous once past the 30 minute mark and full build. You legit just have to make the game last till then and you basically are guaranteed a win. Just recently, I was playing Brand and my team was doing exceptionally well the whole game...we got them down to their last tier of turrets even took 1 inhib, had baron twice, and had a good KDA across the board... but because Cho'Gath built health/ tank items, they won. He didn't have to do anything skillful, he didn't have to get a lot of kills or even do anything like special tricks... he legit just builds health and because of his passive, he had over 7000 HP to become a super wall. That's ridiculous. I don't think it's quite fair for a bunch of players who did poorly in a game get to go up in ranked by being carried by a champ of unbalanced inevitability, especially when a group of players who actually played their champions with skill would have won without. Before you say "don't focus the tank"... ok well Cho'gath is a champion who grows in size, meaning he legit because the size of Baron basically and the only way you're gonna get to the enemy back line is if you have an entire team of flanking champs to just simply jump over him. He is a LITERAL WALL. It's bad with Yi and Jinx too, Yi can build full build and just q his way through an enemy team simply cause' his autos do true damage. Jinx just puts on rockets and crits the enemies with superior range, standing in the back doing nothing else, and destroys. Malphite... he build tank and any little bit of AP and becomes a nuke for any one with less than 2000 HP, classifying him as an assassin when he's suppose to be a damn tank. I feel as though games shouldn't have to be completely rushed within the first 15 minutes just to win a game against these champs, it's ridiculous and ruins the actual fun of league.
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