A discussion on League relating to Client Health, Player AFK's, and Matchmaking

Recently I have had a good string of losses and my account has fallen from Silver 2 to Silver 5 Some it is from playing off meta a lot, some of it is from dying too much, and some of it is just losses or me being stupid I really understand that League is a cyclical thing and that you have wins and you have losses etc and different metas. This preseason though is one of my least favorite ever and it isn't even really entirely the new runes and what they do. I do play many mages though so maybe this is why in low elo I don't win the percentage of games that I should. But if you look at my OP.gg it is clear I am very skilled with some champs, and I am not playing ADC that much which maybe I should. There are two recurring problems I seem to get. 1. Matchmaking seems to force you into games where it wants you to "rise" or "fall". I can take that part of it, but it also seems when you are in a game where you are supposed to "fall" the ratio of people who rage is extremely high. I try not to antagonize anyone but it is amazing how emotional people get in EVERY game. I think the penalty for AFK's on purpose needs to be much harsher to prevent the constant griefing. 2. The client and ingame bugsplat ratios seem to be very high lately and I often have AFK's that are from technical issues. I check the bug forums too and it really looks like the new runes interactions are what are responsible for this. Also last night I kept dodging from my client even though my internet was fine and I wasn't dodging or not picking/banning, and then when I finally got ingame I had two remakes (I have two accounts). I really think riot needs to have some thought on the health of the client and game from a time perspective. Often you are wasting insane amounts of time just trying to get into a game that is a remake or someone AFK's immediately. And it is getting old. {{champion:202}}

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