Erm...about Yuumi

This video here pretty much explains the problem with this champ. And I swear to god, she will have near release bard levels of winrates if this goes right through the PBE. PS: I see people downvoting this within minutes of upload. You should read whats in store here. I literally cannot see the difference between Sona (Or to a extent, Rakan while paired with Xayah) but a worse one. There were many ways of making a supporting character that can be a champion buffer while being attached and this is possible the most underwhelming way to bring it to show. Q. This hits only ONE TARGET and has absolutely abysmal damage and range. It is functionally similar to Vel'koz Q or Zoe Q but nerfed and is not even a different literation. It is inferior. Also do not forget you will literally forfeit lane pressure with your W so it makes it nigh impossible to hit. And yeah its not AOE. If you go mid Yuumi. I'm legit going to report you off. You have ZERO waveclear and no other way to work around it. And its cooldown early is 11 seconds. ELEVEN. W. Ok the core of her kit. Additional stat buffs are "ok". But it has no other function than to latch on. There are NO effects aside from being untargetable and the buffs are not enough for a ADC to essentially 1v2 the lane. Since Yuumi's stats and ratios are god awful, and she has no reliable CC I swear Soraka/Sona has better safety. Can you just attach the E on to this ability to free up 1 skill for her? E. It is a really weak heal and MS buff. Sona can literally press and attach it on 5 people. Yeah. This should have been hard CC or something more creative or like a Rakan/Xayah deadly plumage esque attack buffer or her to perform a attack while being untargetable. But it is a single target heal/ms buff. It is vanilla as heck. R. Sona ULT but functionally worse. You need to hit 3 waves to ROOT. As I said earlier you have no lane pressure at all playing this champion and this is the reward for playing until lvl 6 while making your ADC 1v2 under tower. It is impossible to hit even 3 waves in this meta ,its ratios are god awful and since it is not even a stun. Enemies will retaliate with extreme prejudice. And the icing of the cake? "Enemy Champion icon champions hit take only 40% damage from subsequent waves," Like christ lol That means its 68% apratio and is not instant. Core problems. 1. God awful ratios with low functionality skills. These can be fixed, but the kit functionality cannot be undone at this point. 2. There is no merit from her kit for her to latch on a ally. You are essentially aiding the enemy at this point by making it 4v5. It would be creative and great if you can empower your abilities with the amount of time you latch on. But apparently this was not thought out at all. 3. Enchanters actually have a good laning phase. This champion is the only exception. And literally none. WTF? 4, Absolute lack of uniqueness. If "latching on" is the core concept, it wasn't thought out at all. Besides who on earth will focus this champ in the first place?

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