The PBE changes coming tomorrow for Aurelion Sol will ruin the champion, and here is why.

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Putting some Aurelion Sol changes on PBE for tomorrow. They've been testing well with ASol players internally, so now it's time: star dragons of the world, please play him and let me know how you feel. Disclaimer: EXPERIMENTAL, may not ship, definitely not this patch.
**Aurelion Sol ** Before we discuss on the changes coming to Aurelion Sol, let's talk about the champion as of now. (FYI this is my first post, and I figured I needed to let my voice be heard if my main champion was involved.) -In terms of his strength, Aurelion Sol's roaming and the ability to shine in teamfights with his constant AOE damage is something that really brings out the champion. -Aurelion Sol has one of the best clear in the game. Especially when it comes to early game. It is also what you think about when you see an Aurelion Sol on the enemy team. Keep in mind though, that only comes with being able to position correctly and how to manage waves & when to roam. -Aurelion Sol is barely stable when it comes to damage because let's face it, there's champions out there that easily output the damage Aurelion Sol wants to do in a simple combo or in a shorter time than Aurelion Sol. Especially when Aurelion Sol only gets damage off if he doesn't get crowd controlled. _And with that in mind, let's talk about the PBE Aurelion Sol changes._ **PBE Changes Coming to Aurelion Sol** **_Nerfs Include..._** Less Flat Damage & AP Ratio W is no longer a toggle, but a standard ability. W mana cost is higher. W's uptime is significally reduced by cooldown and how long it can be up. E passive moment speed removed. E cooldown increased earlier. _**Buffs Include...**_ Q cooldown decreased later on in game Q gives 10% more movement speed W gives 40% movement speed when retracted E flys faster and goes farther **PBE Changes Analysis** It's kind of silly that champion like Aurelion Sol who isn't problematic is getting more nerfs than a buff here. _**Comet of Legend- (E)**_ His roaming potential with his e movementspeed is nerfed heavily early game, (which was needed for him to snowball himself) and he can only roam every minute and 20 (and thats IF there is even a chance of you being able to roam at the time). His ability to escape by kiting and getting out of sticky situations with E is gone, as well as gapclosing for the kill. And it basically makes this ability ult tier with it's cooldown since you won't be leveling up that ability until late game. The downsides just way to heavily than the good sides. Sure you can roam faster and farther during flight, but maybe only one time or two. Then when it comes to late game, it won't be AS impactful at all. _**Celestial Expansion- (W) + Center of the Universe- (Passive)**_ Apparently even acknowledging how he barely does the damage required to be useful, let's also nerf the stuff he's only good at. This butchered his wave-clear and also made using W waaay to unforgiving to use. If you get crowd controlled, your movement speed on W is useless, and you won't be able to fight back for a longtime, leaving you wide open and useless in skirmishes. I'll admit, this doesn't become such a huge issue when you max out W, but heavy mana costs and not being able to output as much damage still doesn't cut it. This is as well is just a nerf. _**StarSurge-(Q)**_ The buffs to this ability is nice, and it makes it more forgiving when you get caught out, as it can be used to help escape. While adding 10% more movement to it doesn't really compensate for all these nerfs, I give this buff an A+ in my book. Overall, Please don't continue on with all these changes Riot. He, as a champion, is on a thin rope when it comes to being viable. Please consider what I said in this post as it would crush me to see my main, with over 900k Mastery points, being butchered for no absolute reason. Otherwise, thank you for taking the time to read my post. []( TL;DR: Nerfs Outweight Buffs, this will most likely ruin Asol. Don't bring it to live.
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