i might get hate for this, but i think skirmishers and divers step way too much on juggernauts toes

either champions like {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} synergize too well with items like {{item:3053}} and {{item:3748}} or juggers dont synergize well enough with them compared to the other fighter types. skirmishers and divers should work off squishier builds and have {{item:3074}} as their core item and not titanic. if they get too close to juggers in tankyness and damage, theyre invalidating the class because they basically become more versatile versions of them. currently their builds include a lot of jugger items paired with {{item:3078}} an {{champion:39}} has almost the same item build as {{champion:83}} these days, because the difference in effectiveness of the same items on those champions isnt large enough. this brings them very close to each other in terms of raw melee power, while irelia has the better outplay tools and target access. maybe something can be done to make ravenous hydra more attractive to divers and skirmishers so they gravitate more towards the item. also not a fan of {{champion:157}} picking up items like {{item:3053}} or {{item:3022}} after his 2 crit core items. a lot of this is probably also a really shitty side effect of turning steraks ad into a bonus ad increase. they never should have made that change, and instead balanced trigage by decoupling sheen procs from base ad instead. the entire reason steraks gage was added to the game is, because juggers dont have the same mobility and outplay tools as their more mobile cousins to survive diving into the enemy team. a lot of champions who are buying steraks gage probably shouldnt be able to do it as easily, because they should rely more on their kit inbuilt utility and outplay tools and not get the same safety net that juggers need to even function. champions like {{champion:122}} need steraks to survive abilities like {{champion:21}} ult because theyre incapable of dodging it or reliably interrupting her. when an mf or velkoz or other champion opens up on a jugger, by the time you walked out of their ult or walked up to them to interrupt them you already ate almost the entire damage of the ability. a {{champion:157}} on the other hand has windwall for that purpose and shouldnt get access to steraks on top of it. the same for {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} or {{champion:39}} who already have abilities to react to it.
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