Twitch needs a mini-rework, or even a full one.

So I'll keep this part short, but Twitch in terms of lore, ability names, etc... is a poison champion. But... his kit doesn't reflect that at all. He relies on basics and crits, and using E to proc poison for damage, but let's be honest, the instant damage like that would feel more in place if he was shooting explosives or something like trist. I think he could use a mini, or large rework, to make him feel more like what he's supposed to be. Someone who ambushes and poisons the enemy, before running away to let them die slowly. Some basic ideas I came up with to achieve this. Though totally up to Riot on how to implement or balance this, if they even look at this post: * Change E to instead of proccing instant damage, kick the poison on enemies into overdrive, causing DoT damage. * Perhaps make the base poison stronger. Currently, it's so weak it can be stopped by a potion or doran's blade lifesteal, even late game. Your reward, level 1, for hitting the enemy with SIX basics for max stacks? 6 damage a second, for 6 seconds, for a grand total of 36 damage. Meanwhile Teemo can get 34 damage for a single auto at level 1, and his poison scales with AP, and his character is MUCH less of a "poison" character than Twitch. ( In my personal opinion, based on visuals and lore. ) Tbh, I wouldn't mind some power being taken away from E in exchange for making his poison actually feel relevant, or even make the poison not do true damage, etc... * Change of ult. I'm thinking instead of bonus damage, it procs extra stacks of poison, increases the damage of said poison, etc.. but keep the penetrating shots. * Another ult idea, supercharge his W to make a larger cloud that does damage on top of applying stacks and slow. * Make his Q invis reset CD upon activating E with someone who has max stacks of poison, instead of on kill. This would allow for a gameplay where he appears, poisons, and runs away, better fitting with the name of "Ambush" and "Toxic Venom". If anyone else has ideas, feel free to post them! I'd love to make some discussion on how to make one of my favorite characters fit his own lore and character design better. Because I feel like currently, his kit fits neither.
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