@Riot Meddler and @Reav3 Karma Low Everything

Her play rate, win rate, win rate as a mage, and win rate as a support are lower than anyone else in the role. You nerfed the only thing she had going for her, even if the real mains didn't want her to be a shield bot. What is Karma's current state now? Where she was 4 years ago with a half worked on kit, theme, visual update and terrible rework. You talk about not defining champions with items but you do that with Karma and shield enhancing items. If you know the community liked her more as a mage and not a number buffed shield bot, why are you considering another Ryze rework before her? Heck before anyone else. She's in a terrible state now and everyone can see it now. You take away the only thing making her meta and is left with a crappy worked on kit and theme that the Developers haven't cared about for four years now. Do you care about Karma?
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