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I've played League of Legends long enough to know what the meta is, and just as long enough to tell how to break it properly and have fun at the same time. Between normal meta breaking, like taking an Assassin top lane, or even playing {{champion:82}} bot lane, it's hard to find things that both work and make you worthwhile to the team. So here's my list of my favorite ways to break the meta and still have fun. #10: AD Carry {{champion:126}} Just a bit unorthodox, but still just as fun, Jayce is a great champion if you want to take out half of someones's health just by looking at them, and when it gets tough to fight, turn melee and break the enemy's skulls open. His burst is crazy high and keeping him in line with the other ADC's is as easy has building crit chance, which goes well with his instant 2.5 attack speed. {{item:3094}} makes these things even more annoying, and he works well with just about any support. Hell, keep it up with {{champion:254}} support, I don't care. Just grab some damage and a {{item:3071}} and you're good to go. #9: AP On-Hit {{champion:5}} It's not hard to build tanky, but in this meta, you got to get creative with ways to build tanky. So build tanky... by building damage. Attack speed and on-hit effects from {{item:3115}} makes him hit pretty hard and... what was that? You don't have much sustain? I beg your pardon! Every third auto attack heals for a buttload of health and keeps him going. Like an Energizer Bunny. Not to mention that his Audacious Charge still has a good enough AP Scaling to have some decent burst. Just be careful of what teams you decide to pick this in, because if anything knocks you up, you'll be screwed over as the all popular {{champion:157}} comes flying over a wall to end your life. Keep in mind that you'll need to keep either {{summoner:6}} or {{summoner:3}} on you, or you'll never keep up with the enemy as they whistle away from you like "k". But that won't stop you from still playing your part. Your ult makes for picking of champions a breeze, and it keeps you pretty viable late game to know that a half tanky build will keep you rolling as the fights get longer. Also, {{item:3065}} . -_- #8: {{champion:86}} Mid lane Sweet merciful Buddha, Garen mid lane is the most fun thing I've done in a long time, and with nobody playing tanks mid, it's easy for his high base damages to shred through puny assassins and mages. The silence from Decisive Strike makes him excellent at trading against mages, and Courage offers you the ability to stop burst from even the most weaboo {{champion:238}} mains. Easily a good time and a quick roamer, he brings about a good deal of everything to a typical team. But whats this? You don't need to build tank? Nope, in fact, I find that the most fun in this meta is adding an {{item:3031}} and a {{item:3087}} to him, just to give his Q the burst to take down quite a few junglers that decide to wander into your lane like a fake badass. #7: {{champion:254}} Support You ever feel like driving your fist into the first thing to lay a finger on your carry? Well now you can do it first hand! {{champion:254}} is the kind of champion that makes it harder than ever before for an enemy to kill your friend, and keeping her close to the action isn't unheard of. Start off with a {{item:3302}} for keeping your health topped off and poke down your lane opponents with Excessive Force. Going gets tough? Knock the enemy away or towards your teammate, then shred their armor just to prove that the carry has more damage to offer, which also makes those tanky supports hard to play because she'll render her enemy's armor useless. Generally a fun play style and brings a lot more options for your jungler to play. #6: {{champion:64}} and {{champion:127}} Bot Lane Duo Grab your butt buddy and go to town with this blind duo! Great mixture of magic and physical damage keep your enemies on their toes, while your combined forms of getaways and CC make it tough as frozen hell to kill either of you. If someone ever dares to tower dove the two of you, you'll give them a harsh lesson they won't soon forget. And with Lissandra clearing waves left and right, it won't be hard to shove lane, freeze it, or even let the enemy push while Lee Sin takes a few hits. No matter what you do though, don't run out of resources; these two can be hungry early game, but you can use it to your advantage as well. Lee Sin makes great use of the {{item:2045}} you two will argue about buying and Lissandra can take {{summoner:12}} to help her allies when they're in a pinch. #5: {{champion:74}} Solo Bot Heimerdinger is the only champion in the game that has to have been made to 1v2 early game. He can hold his own longer than Adelle can hold her voice, and all without wanting any help from a junlger because, let's face it, he'll be shoving lane faster than anyone else could. And don't even think about letting the jungler gank. That's just a triple kill waiting to happen before he runs back to base to get a {{item:3157}} making him nearly impossible to touch. Not to mention, this meta in particular breaks up how the entire game works, allowing you to put two people top lane, or even letting two people jungle, and running {{summoner:3}} and {{summoner:7}} will make anyone run for the hills once they realize you still won't die! Enjoy yourselves, you freaky nerds. #4: {{champion:44}} Top Lane If you don't understand what Man Mode Taric is than let me tell you a story about a poor little {{champion:58}} who tried to fight one. With the ability to get close to 100 armor at level 1 and armor shredding that scales WITH ARMOR, it's safe to say that any pathetic top laner that thinks they have "The Damage" ain't got shit on this shiny bastard. Just look at him! Do you really think the enemy will expect it? No. Will they learn to fear it? YES! Eventually you'll just humiliate them enough to go AFK. Combine armor items with things that make you bursty, and you got yourself a season 1 revive! I suggest a {{item:3025}} and {{item:3748}} for instant burst and health and armor and killing potential. If they build even the slightest armor, you're going to go right through it, and you might just run through their tower before it gets too late. #3: {{champion:236}} Jungle I know what you're thinking; Lucian can't jungle! But I'll tell you that you're wrong and that anything is possibly after Riot broke the Mastery pages for season 6. Well, the only reason why you would ever WANT a Lucian to jungle is if you want a bit more damage and map control. Seriously, this thing is like a ranged, lawnmower {{champion:24}} that plows right through anything stupid enough to stand in the middle of The Culling. The big thing with this is starting at Krugs for the stun on hit, which is easy since you have the Lightslinger passive. Then you farm your way to level 6 while taking as many Scuttle Crabs for stacks of your {{item:1403}} as you can, because let's face it, what else would you get? Then you ask your teammates to stand guard at Dragon while you straight ult it before giving it a light combo and ending it faster than you can say "Why is this working?" Granted, you ain't got no CC, but with chilling smite, that's okay, and with all the damage you'll have from on-hit effects coming from that {{item:3930}} shit and Lightslinger, I swear it'l be impossible for them to ignore. #2: Full AP {{champion:111}} Mid If you want to grab a champion by the ass and end their life just as you have time to spam your taunt, then Nautilus will do this. For free. He's already got an awesome shield that has great health scaling, so {{item:3116}} is a must, and along with this shield your rewarded with clear speed and trading potential. You have awesome AP scaling on EVERYTHING, and all your abilities spell out C.O.M.B.O. If you can't find a way to play this thing mid, the you can still play it jungle, because his clear speed instantly becomes multiplied by 35. When you find that the enemies have far too much CC, grab a {{item:3157}} and {{item:3285}} and jump the first squishy you see. If they don't pop instantaneously, then you're doing something wrong, because {{item:3100}} gives you so much burst that even Dragon will be flying out of the pit. It's disgusting. Not to mention, most mages you could be paired against don't like ganks too much, so combining a gank with Dredge Line makes is easy to get First Blood. #1: {{champion:43}} Jungle Jungle is supposed to be for tanks for bruisers that are meant to get on top of these guys and get fighting. Warriors. Not this bitch! Karma will clear the jungle just as fast as any jungler I've ever seen and still get out of their will nearly full health thanks to Renewal, which recovers a percent of you *cough cough* MISSING HEALTH! Once you grab a {{item:1410}} you'll be able to mix Autos and spells like a Ninja Blender and tank Dragon more than any mage should legally be allowed to do. Not to mention she has a snare, shield, massive slow, movement speed boost and DAMAGE up the wazoo, and if you think that's all, then you haven't played Karma enough to have fun. {{item:3157}} makes you invincible{{item:3116}} makes you stick, {{item:3285}} makes you kill things faster, and you can buy whatever boot set your slow moving heart desires. And get this, she scales into late game, and makes for another warding machine, and even helps support a team in ways that other supports don't quite do. She even duels {{champion:24}} . Who the hell just does that? Like, "Time to jungle, maybe fight a guy with a lamppost today." NO! That is not okay! I hope you guys got a kick out of these and even try some of these out at some time. They are a lot of fun to me and are even more fun with friends. Let me know what kind of break the meta games you've played before.
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