I went from gold 5 to bronze 1

but I don't mind, I'm actually gonna just main jungle for S7 and rush back to Gold 5. {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:113}} There, those are gonna be the champions that I will use. I've lost 9/10 because I went top all those games, why did I do that? because I wanted to know how the meta work and I've discovered that top is a one sided lane, it doesn't matter if you ward but if you are getting the 1st gank which happened 100% of the time you are behind, I've noticed that jungler are barely punished, even if you ward and they will stop ganking they never end up being behind, even if your team is losing a good jungler can carry the whole team because most of those jungler have game impacting ult. They are strong enough to remove 2 carry at the same time and thanks to colossus masteries they are unkillable. It's a Meta that require everyone to be good, but I'm actually kinda skeptical about that because most of the games I had was because I was 1st pick and I would constantly getting counterpicked all the time. Most of the match up I had was unfavorable for me. On top of the fact that for some reason I always deal with the Duo top Jungle, which keeps camping me and I was always falling behind. In other words, I've decided that Ranksoloqueue is great for Jungle Main, instead of going for mid which has a 20% slow queue time why don't every just start maining jungle? The winrate of a Jungle Main is actually quite higher than people expect, If you look at the top 10players worldwide 80% of them are jungler Main.
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